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Greg George | Marketing | Sales | Entrepreneur

Why should you care?  No, I mean seriously, why?

I’m not going to wow you with my trivia knowledge (which I don’t have), or convince you to “subscribe” to my newsletter which you may or may not read.  This site is to help business owners, marketers, and sales people improve their processes, technology, and message to do more business with less effort.  My background is working with Fortune 500 brands in technology, marketing, and business capacities.

Brands I Have Worked With

I have deep experience in operational processes, sales leadership, and digital strategy.  In addition, I have built businesses over and over again from the ground up, with no external funding, resources, or partners.  I excel in go-to-market planning, development, and execution. This blog will encompass all of the topics you see here.  If these are important to you, stick around!

Don’t Just Take My Word For It:

Here are what others are saying about their experiences working with me.

It was quite an enlightening experience learning from Greg how to land big ticket clients. I was especially pleased that his advice was simple, clear and professionally delivered clearing out all doubts I had regarding selling to bigger companies. I have started implementing some of his tips and am already starting to see the impact on my business, I’m confident that great results will follow in the next few months.

Omar Sinbawy

I had the distinct honor of working with Greg. Greg is one of the hardest working, and dilligent professionals I’ve ever met. Greg always shows up with a great can do attitude, has a team first mentality, and is hyper focused on driving value for his customers.  Greg is incredibly organized and runs his business like a pro –  never afraid to have the tough conversations, and always a great leader. Any company that has him should consider themselves fortunate.

Tim Johnson

I had the pleasure of working Greg George for over two years. He is one of the most talented Execs I’ve ever worked with. His ability to identify and resolve obstacles, juggle many tasks, mentor peers, close insane deals, all while being humble was admired & appreciated by many.  We won with Integrity & class! Any team or company he’s a part of, is very fortunate!

Kat Damers